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Now property developers can embrace Walla, an alternative technology, to cut costs and maximize the returns while still maintaining their quality standards via faster installation and less reliance on intensive low - skilled labour. This is in response to the rising costs of construction and finance, which have made housing unaffordable to many people.
Among the new technologies being applied like block AAC, ALC, precast concrete or the likes, which are replacing the tradition clay bricks and mortar process. Walla panels shall bring more advantages as well as benefits to developers and investors with respect to construction cost and shorter duration.
Not only the economic gains, but also the aspect of environmental impacts with that the projects being developed or invested. Walla shall attribute to make it more environmentally friendly and truly green building.


The Global warming concern and green building emblem are becoming more of a norm in consideration of building design. It is no longer a trend but being regulated by the authority in many countries in Asia. Developers are able to employ Walla to represent their goodwill, social responsibility, and PR campaign to promote branding or client awareness. Developers talk about location and location now it has to be "location, green building, and sustainability!" Customers are more and more informed and therefore the project's success is much dependent on innovativeness.